The Indomitable Spirit

Today I had the privilege to visit a training partner and friend during his recovery from an unfortunate and very serious training accident. Over the last 5 weeks, Glenn has undergone more experiences and recovery than I can imagine but through it all, he is one of the most positive people I have ever met.

We sat down together and talked for a little while today. People came and went and everyone was excited to see Glenn and he was happy to see everyone. He was interested to hear about some of my race results and the upcoming schedule and he wanted to know how training was progressing. One of the things we talked about was his desire to complete a 5k race, preferably by using a hand-cycle, at the end of August. This was also right after he said he managed to cycle for a half mile the previous day.

To some, this might seem like a daunting task. To Glenn, this seemed like just another goal he could give himself in his long list of training and accomplishments. I looked at him in wonder and could only think how fortunate those of us that know him are. His optimism, drive, and spirit are unparalleled and we have been blessed to just have the opportunity to see him and talk to him. In those interactions, we are better for the time together with Glenn. As the two of us talked, one thing was always apparent. Nothing was going to hold him back. It may be a different goal than he had in mind at the start of the year, but there will be no wavering in the outcome. For the rest of us, we can continue to be there, support him, tell some jokes, and watch in wonder as he continues to show us how to be positive individuals and leaders.

And here’s something to pass on to the rest of us. Don’t give up! Always try your best and push yourself and you will achieve your greatness. Don’t ever give up!

Thanks Glenn and good luck!


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