Relentless Forward Motion

As I become more a part of the triathlon community, I am amazed how much of a family competitors can be with each other. We genuinely want to see others improve and achieve their goals. To that end, when tragedy hits someone in the group, the support is unmatched.

This year, unfortunately, several members of the community have been involved in different setbacks. Rather than let those circumstances stop them, these individuals have met new challenges head on with an optimism and dedication to overcome.

Mapso is involved in the recovery efforts of these athletes and others through Challenged Athletes Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charity, to launch an initiative entitled MAPSO TRI CLUB Relentless Forward Motion. Through this initiative, MAPSO is taking the lead in mobilizing the broader athletic community in New Jersey to come together to raise money to provide para-racers and athletes with physical disabilities with the support and equipment they need to “Get Back to the Start Line.” The website is

Please consider helping out and supporting members of the community as they get back to the start line and demonstrate to us all how indefatigable the human spirit is.


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