The run that almost wasn’t

Today was one of those days where I knew I needed to get out but just couldn’t take that first step. Tired, hungry, wanting to relax, and just dragging my feet, my interest in the workout was definitely waning. Just as I was about to bag it, I teamed up with a running buddy and got the extra push from my wife.

The run was well worth it – 16 miles with 7.5 between half marathon and marathon pace. As soon as I started moving, the legs just took over and the time went by quickly. This could have been any workout but the major benefit was the mental hurdle to get the body going on a day when things just weren’t clicking.

Two big takeaways both as a coach and an athlete. It’s great to have days when you just feel fantastic and the hard workouts are effortless. But those aren’t the ones that make you better. The struggle, either mental or physical, is what pushes you further in development. Second, this is NOT an individual sport. As the saying goes, “it takes a village to raise an [blank].” Find a training partner or partners. Surround yourself with others that will push you and pick you up when you’re off your game to get you to new heights. And for those of you with a significant other, a little extra kick in the butt is always a good thing to get out the door.


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