Pain or Pleasure

I’ve been hearing a few theories recently about training and different plans the headline by mentioning “no pain” training. While I don’t think an athlete should be pushing to the point of injury, that is different than having an effective training plan that requires you to be uncomfortable.

Race day is mixed with many emotions and feelings. All of these experiences will be addressed through training except for the adrenaline rush. You will race at faster paced and effort levels than your easy days. But, race day will be easier than your hard workout days. You spent the time getting uncomfortable and pushing your boundaries over the weeks and months leading up to the race so that the physical and mental demands are attainable on race day. Without this, race day will create not only excitement through an adrenaline rush, but you will also deal with nerves and uneasiness as a result of never putting yourself in a demanding exertion state. 

The question and framework of training does not need to be pain or pleasure. Rather, embrace the idea of getting uncomfortable, discovering limits, and creating new ones. This will be achieved by enduring the hard workouts while taking total and full advantage of the easy workouts. Recovery is as important as development. Enjoy the ride, run, swim, cross training, etc and come out stronger and more prepared on the other side. 



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