Family Fun Tri Weekend and Race Recap

Tri season usually means time away from the family and missing the laughs and smiles of the kids. This past weekend was refreshing as I pretty much did the exact opposite on race weekend. Sunday was Tri AC and, although it may not be the most ideal race prep, we camped out at transition area the night before the race. This was probably the best pre-race night I’ve had. The kids were pumped and excited and just happy to be in a tent. We had a fun time wandering around and getting ready for bed. But the best part was seeing them the whole morning right up until the race started.

Tri Atlantic City was my last tuneup before the main goal of the season – IM Chattanooga in September. This was a chance to get out and see how the legs have adjusted and where my overall condition was after some solid training. I’ve spent the bulk of my training with Tailwind Endurance focusing on a bike build in order to really maximize my run abilities during the race. In short, mission accomplished for this race. I just finished a progression of 5 brick workouts in 10 days and my legs were fully adjusted. Got out quickly on the run and hammered out a 5:42 pace for the 5 mile segment. This was quick enough for the fastest run split but more importantly to track down 3rd place and finish on the podium. The bike came together well too.

Coming out of the race, there are a couple things I know. The nutrition plan is on track. No bonk, race prep was good, and felt energized the whole way through. Body Glove Surge is brilliant and kept me focused the whole way. Nothing like a good tasting shot of caffeine to get you awake and rolling after some pre-race opera music at 4:30am. Huge thanks to Pacific Health Labs for the rush request. Also, I apparently had a bad day sighting and didn’t choose the best line for my swim. I either spotted my competitors almost 100 yds or the course was a bit long. We’ll see but overall I’ve been pretty pleased with swim results and steady improvement. Thanks again to Montclair Performance Health and Chiropractic and All-Pro Health for keeping my body in one piece and to Toast, Bulan Plastic Surgery, and Fleet Feet for getting me to the start line.


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