Swim Techniques

Swimming is definitely the most technical aspect of triathlon training and racing. There are so many ways to increase efficiencies and improve your stroke but limited resources to analyze the workouts. Without a coach at practices or some kind of underwater camera, you are left to analyzing your stroke while swimming.

Some quick tips:
– keep the head down: this will force your butt up and lift your legs
– rotate hips: you generate more forward propulsion with a rotation than if you just reach out with your arms
– spread fingers: you will actually pull more water during the pull phase of your stroke by having them loosely together
– high elbow

– finger tip drag: will force you to keep your elbow up while having the best angle to enter the water
– count hip rotations rather than strokes: mentally you will focus on rotating hips rather than how many or few strokes you can take in a length
– focus on tucking the chin down rather than looking at the far wall

For extra support, check out these great visuals of Katie Ledecky’s stroke. Pictures can guide you during your swim sessions. Focus on one and develop the technique. http://www.greenlightpt.co.uk/blog/10-photos-that-show-why-katie-ledecky-swims-faster-than-you


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