Race Week – Mental Recovery

It’s race week for iM Chattanooga! Finally! I’ve got an early morning start tomorrow but this is just a quick chance to get my thoughts together and be able to channel the focus.

Taper week usually is seen as a chance to rest the legs and body after grueling miles and workouts on your feet. An often overlooked area of activity is the mental toll due to all the workouts. There are ups and downs throughout training and racing. It is mentally taxing to get focused 2-3 times per day 6-7 days per week for 4 months. Your mind needs a break in order to help the rest of your body feel refreshed.

This week has been great. I’ve had more time to spend with the kids while also dialing in on race plans, prep work, and acknowledging that the race is just the icing on the cake to a long and plentiful journey. Remember, the mind is the strongest part of your body. Get in a good place mentally, and the rest will follow.

With that,it’s off to Chattanooga! Let’s do it

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