Boston Weekend

Sitting on the couch earlier this week, I looked to my wife and said, “you know what? I’m racing Boston in 6 days. Six more days and I’ll be running a marathon.”

This week brought about a nice break and recovery for both mental and physical training. Spring break was a great time to ramp up the training and create a pseudo training camp. Coach Earl and I came up some extra workouts, bumped the intensity, and focused on maximizing the quality of workouts over the 3 weeks in and around break. Twenty mile runs have been ticking by with my running partners, and bike and swim workouts progressed nicely. This week presented a glimpse of letting up and I took full advantage of the light schedule. Today’s run was perfect. Went out for 3 miles at race pace and just settled in to a comfortable set of 6:11 miles. Body is ready to go and mind is right there with it!

Building off last week’s post and heading into a big race, this is a good time to assess goals and make sure all expectations are clear to me. I say “to me” because it’s important to know exactly what I’m shooting for and not have a mix of expectations. From the beginning, Boston has been an opportunity to focus on a steady and complete run build to the start of the tri season. We’ve built up running endurance while developing bike strength and swim speed. It’s been a solid balance and I’m primed for a fun race. The race is just a nice reward for the hard work and the cheering is sure to lift spirits of all the runners along the way. I plan to enjoy the race, push if I feel like I’ve got something left over the remaining 10 miles, and recover quickly to take advantage of the timing and really get into the tri season. May 22 is the opening race for me this year and I’m excited to get out and race.

In the spirit of setting clear goals and expectations and behind held accountable for them, I’m shooting for a 2:50-2:52 which will all me to push a little bit but still run within myself and have plenty of gas left if I decide to go for it half way through. I’m looking forward to reviewing nutrition, plan execution, and the race recap next week.

In the meantime, on to Boston! Follow along – bib #800


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