Rev3 Williamsburg Recap 1

Rev3 Williamsburg was the perfect way to launch the second half of the tri season and to test out some new nutrition techniques. Leading into the race, I spent two weeks on a school trip in Tanzania and then a week hanging out at the beach with the family. So, bike and swim fitness was always going to be a question mark but the run base proved to be solid and strong.

The swim was definitely rusty. As has been the case all season, I still have significant work to do there. I feel strong in the pool but it’s not translating to the times I want to see in races. Consistent work will pay off. I came out of the water somewhere in the top 20 or so and knew I had some work to do.

Riding on the Ventum One this season has been an absolute blast. It’s giving me a boost on flats and downhills that I used to give away to bigger, stronger riders. Now, no matter what the slope of the road, I’m moving along quickly and loving it. On the bike, I moved up to 8th by the time I passed my cheering section – big thanks to Kimmie, Peter, Ellie, Addison, Daniel, and Kensi for hanging out on the road. I couldn’t see anyone in front of me but just stuck to the plan and held the watts steady at 85% for the last 15 miles.

Cruising into transition, I had a chance to see a few runners ahead of me. This was the freshest I’ve felt coming off the bike and heading into the run on a 70.3. It showed to. I comfortably settled into a 6:20s pace and started making up ground. By mile 10 I moved up to 2nd on the road and finished strong. In the end, I was bumped down to 3rd from someone in a later wave but still made the overall podium and even had a chance to race across the line with all 3 kids. SUCCESS!


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