Race #3 – NYC Triathlon

Well, laying on the floor icing my bike seems like an appropriate time to bring in the update on race 3 – NYC Triathlon. This race was like no other race, mostly because I was done and hanging out by 8:10am which was just crazy. I had a chance to see my friend and coach, Earl Walton, before the race and share in the race with him. And who can pass up the opportunity to run down 72nd street all alone in the middle of the road without worrying about playing chicken with 100 taxis on your way to the park.

But first, I’ve got to step back a bit. Sunday 9 July was Rev3 Williamsburg and I had a great race. Even the race execution was solid, I started the day with an achy back from the drive time. It loosened up a bit leading up to the race, but then immediately tightened back up. On Monday, I couldn’t even bend more than 3 inches without having excruciating pain. I’m not one to hobble around or make excuses, but I could barely even think. At one point during my summer school class, I had to lay down at the back of class during break time to just take the pressure off. I wasn’t sure if I slipped a disk or did something else but I could barely think. By Wednesday, I could bend to about 30 degrees. Then Friday came along, I could trot for a few steps without any pain or issues and I could almost bend 90 degrees. The real barometer was if I could put on my shoes. DONE! That meant the race was on.

But, that also meant that I had a less than ideal week of race prep. This was no longer going to be an hammer race. I was going to give it everything I could but just didn’t know what that would be.

Race morning started at 3:50am. Who knew there could still be so many taxis on the road at 4:15. Had my breakfast and UCAN bottle to get started with nutrition, Precision Hydration drink mix for the bike and salt capsules for the run, and AccelGel for the top off during the run. Quick stop at transition at 4:45 to set up, and then on my way up the road for the start of the swim.

Swimming in the Hudson is an unreal experience. This time around, I could actually see my fingertips, so that was an improvement. I also managed to swim 1500m in 15:00. This will NEVER happen again, unless I race here another time, so it was fun to enjoy feeling fast. I still lost to my coach though on that leg. It seemed like a never ending run up to transition, but I finally made it, enjoyed a little “chat” with my buddy Glenn Hartrick who was racing as part of a relay team, and then out onto the road.

Out onto the bike, I found it hard to hold on to my numbers. Fit Werx had the bike dialed in for me and I definitely could feel the bike cutting through the wind and working on the rollers. My legs just weren’t able to sustain the pace. I tried to hit about 90% FTP but in the end I managed about 81%. Ideally I was shooting for about 61min for the ride but ended up with 1:05.

On to the run and the real test. Could I get off the bike, get on my shoes, and still stand up straight? Answer, yes! I had company starting the run and chased down a couple guys as we heading into and up the west side of the park. At that point, my quads and lower back were beginning to not be so happy. I wanted to be under a 36min split for the run leg but couldn’t get there. Fatigue set in and I managed the race to the finish line.

Overall results: 2:03:10 which was good for 11th in the Elite group and 39th OA (out of 3134). I’m pleased with the race and putting together the effort that I could. It’s a testament to the training with Tailwind Endurance and a ridiculously amazing support from Dr. Todd at All-Pro Health. There was no way this was happening without his work. Rest up, recover, and time to work for IM 70.3 World Championships.


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