Epic day

I initially sat down to write my race recap two days post-Boston. It’s now going on two weeks and I’m finally getting back to it. I’ll keep the recap short and sweet. After all, this is about racing and training.

You’ve heard it all over before, but Boston 2018 was truly an epic and unforgettable day. Pouring down rain, head wind the whole way that only picked up as you neared the finish line, cold temperatures. Basically, the works. I trained for a 2:40, was ready to run a 2:40 and then the weather happened. At that point, the only thing left to do was race.

Working with Nicci, we developed a solid nutrition plan pulling together all of my needs. Total intake DURING the race – 1 caffeine gel at mile 18 + salt tabs periodically throughout the run. Never felt hungry, never lost energy, never approached a wall. Just steady running the whole way through. Pre-race, I had my normal UCAN drink plus electrolyte (Precision Hydration) drink. That’s about as straightforward as things get on a day where things were far from ordinary.

The race started off well but after about 8-10 miles, I couldn’t feel my feet anymore. They were just completely frozen. The only thing I felt from them was pain towards the end. The miles ticked by, the wind kept blowing us around, but Boston kept getting closer and closer. The crowds were a bit thinner but it was so great to see all the faces out there and continue to hear the crowds. I ran the first half in about 1.20 which was 2 minutes slower than the initial race day plan. At the point, the focus was on holding things together and not giving up more the 4.40 in order to set a new PR. If that couldn’t be done, then a Boston best was next on the list. The hills came and the hills went. I managed to get over each of them well but after mile 21, I struggled to get back down to the 6:1X pace. My left foot was beginning to bother me, again the only feeling was just pain, and I was starting to cool off a bit since my pace slowed a little. A group of us got together and pushed each other to finish line. No words were said, just some constant back and forth of leading the pack and taking turns dealing with the now 25mph headwinds that were gusting to 30+mph.

Boylston Street never disappoints and it was no different in the rain. I finished the race, ran a new Boston best, and then immediately tried to get warm. I shook for an hour and my foot hurt but that didn’t take away from the success of the day. The 2:40 race may not have happened, but there will be other days and races to go.

Standing in the finish area, I kept tabs on Kim and Earl’s progress as they made it through the race. We were able to all meet up, hang out for a little bit, and enjoy a laugh at how crazy the race was. I can walk away from the race knowing that I gave everything I had that day, executed a plan the way it needed to be, and can carry the fitness into the tri-season.

Until next time…


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