From as early as I can remember, I have always been interested in sports and competition. Racing my brothers in the alley, playing football and soccer in the backyard, and playing basketball at the pool were just some of the ways I passed my days. In high school, I continued to compete and, among other things, was a member of the track and field team for four years. During high school, I also bought my first bike so that I could get back and forth to my summer job and soccer practice. I was hooked after that and had triathlons on my radar for later in life.

I competed in my first triathlon in 2002 at the Sandman Sprint Triathlon. I still remember struggling through the swim but having a fun time on the bike and run. After that, I decided to enroll in a Triathlon course at school. The culminating project was to compete in the school’s triathlon. I have to admit, on that day, my girlfriend (now wife) gave me an old-fashioned butt-kicking. That has been our only head to head triathlon and she is undefeated against me.

The announcement of the 2012 Ironman U.S. Championships in New York brought me back into the triathlon fold and I have been geared up since then. Over the last few years, I have raced in many cities and competed in various distances for triathlons and road races. Mapso Tri Club has been a huge boost to my fitness, direction, and involvement in the sport. As a member of the club, I can always count on having company for workouts and constant support from friends and training partners. Fleming Racing has been instrumental in my continued development as a runner too. My training partners and the wisdom of Coach Tom Fleming are vital pieces to my current fitness and success. As the year gets underway and the training kicks up, I have a goal to improve and to have fun while doing it.

This year, in addition to being a member of the club, I have also built up a small team of sponsors and affiliates to help promote the message and importance of a healthy lifestyle. A huge thanks goes out to Toast Montclair, All Pro Health, and Bulan Plastic Surgery as well as product affiliations and sponsorships with Fleet Feet Montclair, Pacific Health Labs, and Klean Athlete. This team is committed to being active and healthy, competing and having fun, and continually developing to meet and succeed at new challenges.


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