Rev3 Williamsburg Race Recap

What better time to get to my race recap than while icing my bike during recovery? Before addressing my current state, it’s probably a good idea to figure out how I got here. Rev3 Williamsburg was on my list for one simple reason – gauge progress from last year to this year. I had a […]

Why Do We Compete? A Coach’s Dream

Over roughly the last 8 years, I had the opportunity to coach with and learn from a leading figure in the running world. What struck me the most about Tom Fleming was his passion to see everyone succeed. Talent is nice, but passion, dedication, and commitment are the keys to success. Yesterday was the NJ […]

Salt Can Be Your Friend

As the heat and humidity of August really creep up these days, it’s a good time to think about staying hydrated during activities. When we sweat, we loose water as well as salt. Losing sodium affects an individual’s ability to sustain high levels of performance. There are ways several ways to address sodium needs during […]

Rev3 W’burg – Nutrition and Heat

Heading into the race, the main concern I had was the heat and how to prepare for it. I sweat a lot and that can be a problem in the heat and dealing with muscle cramps. This season, I’ve been working with Nicci at Elevate by Nicci and, in short, she’s nailed it. My body burns […]

Rev3 Williamsburg Recap 1

Rev3 Williamsburg was the perfect way to launch the second half of the tri season and to test out some new nutrition techniques. Leading into the race, I spent two weeks on a school trip in Tanzania and then a week hanging out at the beach with the family. So, bike and swim fitness was […]