Alden’s Advice

As a triathlete and coach, advice is invaluable. Training is a learning process and techniques are constantly evolving. From recovery to swim form, transition efficiencies to nutrition, athletes and coaches are on the cutting edge of the sport. Below, you will find a mix of articles from different sources and with different focuses. No matter what the coaching tip might be, it’s important to test out and adjust before race day. What works for one athlete may not work for another athlete.

Here are some general tips and articles on training as a whole. The following links focus specifically on different disciplines and aspects of training and racing.


  •  The biggest source of injury and angst amongst athletes is from over-training. Athletes are ready to jump into training but often do more than their bodies are ready to complete. Slow and steady is the key to successful training and getting in shape. Speed work is great but can have a negative impact if done when you are not ready. In fact, speed really comes from your improved endurance and fitness. Take the time to build up slowly and the rewards will keep coming!

Training Tips for New Athletes (via

  • Take a nap! You can’t produce if you are tired. Naps are our friends. Even a quick 15 minute power nap will help you feel refreshed and ready to go. Whether you are falling asleep at work or just need the energy boost midway through a Saturday with the family, the nap will help you get back on your feet and ready for round 2.


MKA Fitness Blog:

As a coach and teacher at The Montclair Kimberley Academy, I have the opportunity to work with young athletes and share my experiences while helping them improve. From track workouts to distance runs, we spend a lot of time talking about fitness and training. In an effort to better reach the broader MKA community, I am working with the Physical Education department to increase awareness and share my experiences during the 2014 triathlon season.

The posts cover race prep, nutrition, recovery, and many other experiences. Check in each week for the new post during the season.


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