Rev3 Williamsburg Recap 1

Rev3 Williamsburg was the perfect way to launch the second half of the tri season and to test out some new nutrition techniques. Leading into the race, I spent two weeks on a school trip in Tanzania and then a week hanging out at the beach with the family. So, bike and swim fitness was […]

Race Day Nutrition – part 1

What does race-day nutrition mean? Does it mean you are only focused on the way that you execute a diet and caloric intake on a particular day? Or is it a broader and more complete picture? A way of preparing yourself for race day that allows for the best demonstration of your abilities and capabilities. […]

Boston Weekend

Sitting on the couch earlier this week, I looked to my wife and said, “you know what? I’m racing Boston in 6 days. Six more days and I’ll be running a marathon.” This week brought about a nice break and recovery for both mental and physical training. Spring break was a great time to ramp […]

Chattanooga Recap

I came into IM Chatt feeling pretty good about my condition and preparation. This year, I routinely got my butt kicked by different training partners and it really helped lift me to new levels. It’s so important to have people around you that can push you develop and not be satisfied with maintaining the same level. […]

Swim Techniques

Swimming is definitely the most technical aspect of triathlon training and racing. There are so many ways to increase efficiencies and improve your stroke but limited resources to analyze the workouts. Without a coach at practices or some kind of underwater camera, you are left to analyzing your stroke while swimming. Some quick tips: – […]

Family Fun Tri Weekend and Race Recap

Tri season usually means time away from the family and missing the laughs and smiles of the kids. This past weekend was refreshing as I pretty much did the exact opposite on race weekend. Sunday was Tri AC and, although it may not be the most ideal race prep, we camped out at transition area […]