Salt Can Be Your Friend

As the heat and humidity of August really creep up these days, it’s a good time to think about staying hydrated during activities. When we sweat, we loose water as well as salt. Losing sodium affects an individual’s ability to sustain high levels of performance. There are ways several ways to address sodium needs during […]

Race Day Nutrition – part 1

What does race-day nutrition mean? Does it mean you are only focused on the way that you execute a diet and caloric intake on a particular day? Or is it a broader and more complete picture? A way of preparing yourself for race day that allows for the best demonstration of your abilities and capabilities. […]

Swim Techniques

Swimming is definitely the most technical aspect of triathlon training and racing. There are so many ways to increase efficiencies and improve your stroke but limited resources to analyze the workouts. Without a coach at practices or some kind of underwater camera, you are left to analyzing your stroke while swimming. Some quick tips: – […]

Bookend Marathon

Only 3 days to go until Steamtown marathon and wrapping up the bulk of the 2014 season. It started with 26.2 in Boston and is ending with 26.2 in Scranton. The two races couldn’t feel more different though. The last few days have given me a chance to realize the difference in conditioning and training […]